The Photogram

Moholy-Nagy continued experimenting with the photogram throughout his career, and his work would have a major influence on later photographers such as Henry Holmes Smith, Arthur Siegel, Lois Field, and Nathan Lerner, all of whom created photogram-based work. These artists in turn influenced a further generation of abstract photographs, as seen in the impact of Siegel’s work upon the contemporary photographer Thomas Ruff’s monumental digital photograms. Other artists, such as the contemporary Swiss photographer Raphael Hefti and the German Floris Neusüss, are known for producing photograms in which organic lifeforms are placed in contact with the photosensitive sheet. Light exposure techniques can be similarly inventive, Neusüss sometimes relying on lightning for his exposure processes.

Contemporary artists such as Sam Falls, Marco Breuer, Len Lye, Jason Lazarus, Liz Deschenes, Wolfgang Tillmans, Christian Marclay, and Walead Beshty have also created innovative variations on the photogram. Falls is known for his work with photosensitive fabric, while the German Breuer scratches and abrades the surface of his photograms, often using power tools. (End)”

On December 22th 2017 I posted “Wishes” and 365 days later, I use the same picture to wish you Happy Holidays! Enjoy the good time with your families and friends.