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On my way to find out what exactly abstract photography is, I took this picture on October 4th 2017.
And it is of course not an “abstract”, because as I learned one day before “abstracts have to be non figurative” and the viewer has “to be drawn into the image by the beauty, interest or uniqueness of the visual experience” and we must be “taken out of our comfort zone, make us question what we see, or be invited to enter another realm”.
Well, that picture doesn’t match the criterias unless you are a dreamer like me and can feel the sea brise blowing through this curtain instead of seing a curtain hanging in a furniture store.
But as I also learned that “abstraction takes place when a photographer focuses in on a fragment of a natural scene, isolating it from its context” (and I love this part of the defintion 😉😍😊) I did add it to the collection.
Trying to avoid discussions in the abstract group I did not post it there.
I posted it to another Facebook group I had discovered one day before about minimal black and white photography.
But I was told, that this is not black and white photography.
This is a minimal color shot, in this case with the total abscence of colors.
And of course a new story.

But our subject today is:
Can we go back to the exact same place one year later and take the exact same picture again?

Let’s find out!?