On November 4th 2017 I had some friends around.

In the evening I did open Facebook and looked at my post in the photography discussion group. Beside some more comments about amateurs and some book hints, nothing new.

Under the topic “Not so general” I left a second post.
It said:
“Why are photographs of complete walls, buildings, flower bouquets, abstract paintings or photographs of headless nudes swimming around Abstract Photography? Come on guys, is there any pro out there who can answer this simple and stupid question from a desperate housewife, who is too dumb to google and who actually has no hand left for a book, because she is stuck between ironing the shirts of her amazing and well educated male provider, changing the diappers of the five kids and cooking dinner for all at the same time?”
And because I did suppose that this would be my last question in this group I did hurry up to click on the name of the person who said: “If you don’t find answers here DM me!”.

A second later Facebook had beamed me to his profile.

And because I had a question for Lou, 73, professor of Art History from Argentina I did open a chat box and wrote:
“Hello Lou! I’m sorry to disturb you, but what does DM mean?”

Before I closed FB I posted “untitled”.
And 365 days later I have to find it again.