On November 27th 2017 my project was still running as stand-alone processs.

What is Abstract Photography ?

When a medium as realistic as photography manages to break away from being life’s sheer representative, we’re bound to get some interesting results. The truth is that an abstract photograph doesn’t represent, or hold a particular meaning, at least not in the most literal of ways. Like abstract art in general, photographic abstraction looks to express a certain feeling, an idea, an aesthetic impression, and to do so, it relies on our visual perception, the primal sense of form, color and lines. These elements help form interesting compositions, in which we can sometimes recognise the subject or the object, and sometimes we can’t. While other artists, painters and sculptors for instance, can create abstraction from scratch, photographers need to find one that already exists around them, and isolate it by capturing it on film, or a digital sensor. This requires great technical knowledge and an eye that can look beyond the real, because when it’s done right, this kind of photo-making can result in very powerful imagery, rooted in reality but departed from realism. And, like abstract art in general, it has proved to be very popular among arts lovers and collectors, because of its sublime visual impact and the complexity of its creative process.”

(“Diving Into the Astounding Waters of Abstract Photography“)

In the evening I posted “Unlock” and 365 days later I will probably need a new picture…