On November 16th 2017 Lou was probably busy. So I strolled around Facebook and did subscribe to a new group I had discoverd called “Abstraction through the lens”.

In the group “Abstract Photography” I found a debate.
The management had added: “Abstract Photography ONLY! NO digital Art” in the group banner. Some members didn’t like that, so one did complain, because she only wanted to see the featured picture like before.
The admin said: “We did that because we are having a daily battle with members who do not “agree or understand” our rules.”
The member wrote: “Do you know that group can set up “questions” that new members applicants must answer before having the privilege to get in? (…)”
The admin said: “Yes there already exists such a question for our group. That is easy! What is a lot harder is to get members NOT to “like” abstract art that some are still posting!”
And because I didn’t agree I asked: “Why don’t you start to simply remove the pictures that aren’t in line with the rules? Not doing so does perhaps send out the wrong message?”
The admins answer was: “Nathalie, I do remove the images that are clearly not in line with the rules. – this alone requires a lot of “detective” work. Our hope/ambition has been that members “themselves” would help administer the group! cheers! PS: I guess you gave up your Abstract Group – how about trying out being a Moderator at Abstract Photography for a while?”
My answer was simple: “Thank you very much for this offer, but I would propably remove all pictures that aren’t in line with the group rules without further questions or investigations. That would for sure enhance the debate, but I’m not sure it’s the kind of debate you want to have in your group. And my page is fine. So I let you decide if you want me as moderator, but to be honest I would not be angry if you simply left me member.”

And as I never got an answer I posted “Unicorn” and went to bed.

365 days later I don’t know…