The Singer

The Singer

On November 29th 2017 I could read:

Creative Techniques – Making an Abstract Photo:

In a way, abstract photography can be described as the breaker of the medium’s own rules. In fact, it is this very fact that makes up the core of its creative process. Because it is never just pointing your camera and shooting, and in this case especially, photographers explored all the technical possibilities of their camera, the film, the photographic paper, as well as factors such as light and time. Reality had to become something else, so the photos were submitted to treatments like solarisation and multiple exposure. I mentioned rayograms earlier, named after their inventor Man Ray, who is the creator of some of the most iconic imagery on both surrealist and abstract photography. His photos are made without the use of a camera, as they only employ a darkroom, photographic paper, random objects placed on its surface, and light from above that impresses it all. On the other hand, we have photographers who use cameras and their own characteristics in an innovative way, by removing the lens and letting the light hit the sensor directly, for instance.

Of course, when it comes to the very act of shooting and creating the abstract image with a camera in any given location, there are many possibilities that depend on the kind of result the photographer wants to obtain. Since it’s all about color, shapes and lines, artists use tools like selective focus, to draw attention to a particular detail within a composition. Another important visual aspect is the blur, as it emphasises the abstraction, and in technical terms we can talk about panning, zooming, focus shift and so on. This sort of imagery asks for engaging compositions, which means playing with details, lines, forms, textures, all created by contrasts and colors within the frame, and very often these photographs hide in close-ups, rather than wide shots – narrowing down an existing element of reality until it becomes an independent, abstract matter. And the best part? Abstraction is everywhere, all you need is a camera and an adventurous spirit.”

(“Diving Into the Astounding Waters of Abstract Photography“)

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