The Lion

The Lion

On December 3th 2017 I went on with my reading.

“Definition of Abstract Photography:

Abstract photography has no definition. But the closest explanation for this term is:

The photos and images which are imagined and are not real are termed as abstract images. These are images which will make you question your thoughts and vision. They have a huge variety in subject matter as anything around us can be termed abstract. These are images which take you to a different world when you see them and try to understand them.

In the words of Barbara Morgan:

“Abstraction is inherent in the photographic medium and through abstraction, the photographer exercises choices that carry photography beyond record-realism to the expression of his or her personal viewpoint.”

Usage of Abstract Photography

Abstract images possess a power that no other form of photography does. These images are different and that makes them so much more used than other photography types. As these images can be created anywhere that works a lot in the favour of them and the photographer. They can be created at home, in the neighbourhood or at any place of your choice. They don’t need a particular setup, timing etc. “

(“Abstract Photography: The Art of Speaking Without Words“)

In the evening I posted “The Lion“.

365 days later….