The Bride

The Bride

On December 7th 2017 I had a slightly problem with my hard-drive disk and needed a new one.. While I was waiting that my data were transferred to a new storage, I had time to read:

“Final Thoughts:

Understanding the object and ways of clicking it is of utmost importance in abstract photography. An abstract photo can be read in various ways and has its own different qualities. As a photographer, it is important for you to understand all of that and convey it through your lens. Abstract photography is like a flow which needs to be understood by the viewers. In spite of having no specific subject, with the help of this type of photography, you need to convey your message to the individual properly and meaningfully.

Creating an emotional connect with the viewers is necessary as humans tend to relate to an image which is just an idea or a burst of colours. Once you find that connection, you will be able to easily master the idea of abstract photography.”

(“Abstract Photography: The Art of Speaking Without Words“)

14 hours later the data transfer wasn’t finished… And so I used my phone to post an old picture called “The Bride“.

And 365 days later, I will not even try to make the same post again. Instead I will simply post a new picture.