The answer

Was sitting on the train on October 23th 2017 when I got a message from John.
Did open the messenger and read: “What did happen?”.
Confused I wrote: “What do you mean?”.
“What caused these problems?”.
I wrote: “Will make it short: Had a problem with my brain in 2004.”
A moment later he added: “Are you ok now?”.
And after thinking about his question quite a while I typed: “Well… It takes a bit longer to understand and to learn and I’m still fighting against my brain occasionally because for some unknown reason it did create lots of new and strange associations for words or things (Like when someone asks you how you are and you say red instead of good. Or when you want the butter but ask for a cow). But the most annoying part today are probably these panic attacks that happen sometimes when someone asks me about something and the question seems to hit a blank space in my head. But apart from that I’m ok.”

On my way home I found “The answer” and posted it on my blog, my FB page and in the group ‘Abstract Photography’.

365 days later I wonder if “The answer” is still there waiting to be found.