taped, pareaidolia and decay on a thick layer of old posters hanging on an electricity distribution box

Having no appointments and still waiting to be admitted to the new groups I wanted to join, on October 31th 2017 I took a Facebook break. Instead I started to cut fabrics for a new artsy patchwork project. While three hours later I was sorting all the pieces laying on the tables, the ground, the shelves and elsewhere a friend came over and looking around he said: “What a chaos!”. And because I am who I am I said: “That is abstract photography!”. And because my friends are who they are he said: “No! That’s you!”. And because this one is photographer and curious too he added: “What do you mean?”. So I did open the laptop, showed him the results of my internet researches, navigated to the group AP, showed him the description, the definition and the statements I found and did let him look at the pictures in the pool. And when he was done reading and looking, he closed the laptop, looked around, started to laugh and said: “Isn’t that funny?”. And because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know what he meant, I didn’t ask. Instead I said: “No. It’s confusing!”. He crossed his arms behind his neck, looked at me and asked: “What about some tangible photography? Let’s go out, take some pictures and enjoy the sun!”. Looking around I asked: “And the mess?”. He smiled and said: “Do it like me and simply take it with you!”

When I came back in the evening I sorted the chaos and posted my daily photo “Taped“.
365 days later I have to find out if the subject is still where it was.