Abstract365 Project, The Story


“Creatively Approaching Abstract Photography Step 4 – Pattern & Line The first key element to look at is the pattern and lines within your subject. Look carefully at your subject and consider whether there are any reoccurring shapes or themes Read More

Abstract365 Project, The Story


On December 5th 2017 I was busy. While I was travelling I went on with my reading: ” Techniques and Tips for Abstract Photography: Although Abstract photography is the “no rules” photography, there are some techniques that will help you Read More

Abstract365 Project, The Story


On November 30th 2017 my read reached the end: Contemporary Photographers of the Abstract: Because of abstract photography’s numerous and versatile approaches, many artists from all fields of the arts can say they’ve produced some excellent examples of it. Over Read More

365 days (NEW)


As picture number two is not longer available, I need a new one in order to get my 365 days complete. From exactly the same place, looking around, this would have been my second choice for day 002/365. Let’s hope Read More