On December 5th 2017 I was busy. While I was travelling I went on with my reading:

” Techniques and Tips for Abstract Photography:

Although Abstract photography is the “no rules” photography, there are some techniques that will help you click the picture you want.

Movement of Camera:

Blurring the snot out of everything is the most common and simple way of mixing colours and lines in an abstract image. Moving your camera, the way you want is the best part of clicking abstract images.

Movement of Subject:

Whatever maybe the size, shape or colour of the object in focus in abstract photography it doesn’t matter. All you need is a subject of your choice and your talent to make it look attractive and that it connects to the viewers.

Remove the Reference:

A zoom lens is all that you need here! The more you will zoom into the image the more the image will have abstraction. Clicking the best abstract image begins with a zoom lens.

Click Through the Things:

Start with the everyday objects which you see around. Click through coloured flower vases, clock, coloured glass or just through the window. Understand how different things react differently with the angles you click on. It is the best way to do abstract photography.

 Use Multiple Exposures:

Take an in focus shot in the camera and the other two shots in the out of focus setting. This will give more soft-focus shots which make the abstract images stand out.

Post – Processing of the Photos:

This is done to make the shot look more delicate. You can use a lot of colour combinations here and also look into the white balance and temperature of the photos here.”

(“Abstract Photography: The Art of Speaking Without Words”)

In the afternoon I posted “Steps“.

And 365 days later I’m travelling again.