Stand in one place

This week let’s play a game!
The stand in One Place Game 😜
It’s simple!
Stand in one place and take ten pictures instead of one.
10 different photo compositions.
This challenge from caught me and I tried to find a spot where I can take 10 abstract365 style pictures. And yesterday on a big parking lot I did.
Hope you will have fun looking through this set.
And perhaps you will try too.

Picture 01: broken glass of a phone cell
Picture 02: building lot protection
Picture 03: grounded trash
Picture 04: stop light from a car
Picture 05: hit wall protector
Picture 06: decayed letter E on a parked van
Picture 07: trashcan with rotten stickers
Picture 08: spot of a car
Picture 09: reflections on a car
Picture 10: parking lot signs


(Day 318/365)