Show me something abstract!

show me something abstract

The first thing I did on October 13th 2017 was to check the FB profile of my “abstract” connection.
His profile picture showed a pair of handcuffs on black ground and his name was John Doe. No further informations available.
Somewhere I could hear an alarm bell ring and the picture of a handcuffed green nude that didn’t lose her head appeared in my mind. What photographic genre would that one be? I started to laugh.

In the afternoon I posted “Show me something abstract” and after forgot the project for the rest of the day.

When I came back in the evening I had one new message in the chat.
“Was that the best you could find?”
“Was that what you asked for?”
“So you know how to take a photo of something that has no physical or concrete existence!”
“At least I know where I can find one.”
“And why don’t you use these elements in your photography?”
“Because taking pictures of something abstract is not abstract photography for me!”
“Perhaps! But one way to approach the subject.”
A long silence. Finally a new question:
“Why is a green head “abstract photography”?”
“Did I say that it is?”
“You posted it to AP!”
“Someone else posted a headless red nude! Was that “abstract photography”?”
“At least it was nice to look at.”

When I was ready to sleep a new message appeared.
“Show me a photo of how YOU do create an abstraction!”

And while I let you guess what I did possibly chose to show how I do create an abstraction, I will go on a walk to find out if the motif I did use to capture my shadows and reflections is still there 365 days later.