Shielded, Lamp in a backery shop, Abstract Photography

On January 17th 2018 I started my day strolling around on Facebook. (Guess most of you did forget about Facebook, right?). The first thing I saw when I opened the group Abstract Photography were photoshopped non abstract pictures a member posted. In the comment section the admin had added the usual comment: “Is this photography or did you manipulate the picture?”. And while I clicked on the name of the user a window did open up and I could see all the posts the user added to the group over the last years. There were 50 or more and most had a comment from the admin, because they all were manipulated. But: the user had never answered and none of the pictures had been removed. And because enough is enough I left a comment to the admin right under the one he left to the user and told him that this user was obviously immune to admin comments and ignoring the rules, but that the admin was obviously immune too and not removing the pictures. And because I didn’t want to read the answer I did the next best thing to do and removed myself from the group before the admin could do it. That’s how my story with the group “Abstract Photography” did end.

But I was still member of other abstract groups (and I am until today) and I was still looking for a precise answer to the question: “What is abstract photography?”.

An answer I didn’t get on that day.

365 days later I have another question… And this evening we might perhaps get an answer.