In the afternoon of October 17th 2017 Peter from Berlin, had obviously found where to start. He asked: „Why do you want to know? Study?“. „No, I’m just curious.“ „Me too. You said you learned that ‘definition’ long time ago. Where?“. „Well didn’t mean that exact ‘definition’. However! When I studied. Had some photogrammetry lessons and a photography teacher at some point talked about abstract photography (the anti-photography in his eyes). He said, if we take photography that is commonly seen as a realistic method to represent an object and add ‘abstract’ what means to withdraw and in this case the object or what is realistic, we will end up with a contradiction in some way. Because how can a medium (a photography) that is in the proper sense used to represent something that is realistic suddenly become abstract? Wouldn’t we end up with some kind of self-referential image that doesn’t show anything anymore except perhaps itself? He said that one approach was to take the photographic process as subject and to work directly with and on photosensitive material without using a camera (‘Photography without camera’). There were others of course.”. „And knowing this how did you end up posting birds in our group?“. Started to laugh and did type: „Bad karma!“. „No, I’m serious. Don’t you know how to use google or Wikipedia? In five minutes you would find out that your bird is not abstract.”. Did take a deep breathe in and said: „Because I thought that it would simply look great along with all the pictures of walls and flowers we have in the group pool!”

Did leave the chat and posted “Shadow-game”.

What do you think?

Is the motif still there 365 days later?