Shadow Lines

shadow lines, architecture, windows with shadows

On October 11th 2017 all I wanted to know was, what the other members of the group had to say about abstract photography.

I started the computer and had 3 new private messages.

Number one was from the creator of the bathtube. He invited me to follow his page. Number two was from an art teacher. He wanted to know if I’m still single and told me that abstract photography is a myth, and how tired he is because not one single photo of the group is abstract art or good photography. The third was from a vehement fan of the artist. He taught me some new English insults and wished me fervently to rott in hell because I insulted such a wonderful man.

I grabbed a coffee.

Didn’t have to scroll to find the red nude. There were lots of new comments. The first and many other were praising the group, the members and the administration.  A debate had started about how hard it has become nowadays as photographer to compete with digital artists. Some were praising the good old times. Lots were praising both the artist and his work right under his apology for posting his artwork to the wrong group. And one was a reminder that digital art is against the group guidelines.

And because both: my last question and my last photo had been ignored I posted “What about abstract PHOTOGRAPHY?”

What do you think?

Is the motif still available 365 days later, or is it gone forever?