shades, construction panel, wooden view, colors and geometrical abstraction

On October 8th 2017 I found something I did really like. But was it abstract?
I did decide to post it without any question showing my doubts and to see what happens.
A few minutes later I had some likes and a comment did show up:
“This is beautiful but what is it?”
Did ignore the question and waited to see what would happen next.
When I came back in the evening I had a lot more comments.
One asked if it was an artwork I created, some did want to know what it is, and one said:
“I have no idea what it is and it is for sure a beautiful picture, but it is not abstract!”
His comment had 5 or more likes, so I did decide to leave my usual question:
“Why isn’t it abstract?”
The answer came a few hours later:
“If you can say what it is at first sight it is not abstract!”

Even if we don’t know what we are looking at or if it is abstract, the question today is:
Can we take the same picture 365 days later?

Let’s find out!?