Santa and the Reindeer

Santa and the Reindeer

On December 11th 2017 I visited my photographer friend and his first question was: “How is your project going?”. And because I was thinking about giving up, I told him about my problems. After looking at me for a while he said: “Only because there are so many different definitions, rules and stupid fake users on Facebook? Know what? I would add my own definition to the list. Perhaps one that isn’t on the market right now. Properly worked out, with some historical background informations and scientific terms, a few examples, and of course rules. Rules are always good! And after I would share my view with the world. Just to annoy the establishment. Oh sorry! I’m mixing up the facts! Isn’t that YOUR usual style?” And because sometimes your friends are right, even if for some remarks you could launch them into outer space I started to laugh.

When I was on my way back to the train station, I started to think and got lost in some little alley of Günzburg. And while I was trying to find out where I was, I saw something on a wall and a voice in my head said: “Abstract Portrait Photography?”.

In the evening I posted “Santa and the Reindeer” and because I wanted to know I did add the picture to some portrait and wildlife groups.

365 days later I hope that my two friends are still waiting for a second portrait.