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Rosenmontag“, Ulm (12.02.2018)

Can’t remember how this one did end up in my collection…

Of course I am joking.

February 12th 2018 was a Monday. Carnival Monday or Rosenmontag to be exact. And Rosenmontag is one of the biggest party days in Germany. Surprisingly also in Ulm, which is a bit away from the big German Carnival axes like Köln, Mainz and others. But nevertheless, Ulm had many parties. And while I was cooling down a bit and walking home at night, I realised that I had totally forgotten to take a picture for that day. At least an abstract one. Hesitating if I would post some Carnival fanfare or some masks I stumbled over this artwork that had been created for the event in some shop window and got my camera out.

365 days later it is Tuesday and I will do my best to find this shop window again….