The Roof

the roof architectural abstract urban abstract
The Roof (Day 001/365)

Today I start two projects:

First a 365 days photography challenge and second a challenge for all these 365 shots to have an abstract subject.

What is abstract photography? To be honest, I had no idea about it, before I started to subscribe to a group called “abstract photography” at Facebook. To help you find out about abstract photography, I added some usefull links on another post on my blog, that can be found here.

What is a 365 project? The 365 project consists in taking one photograph a day for 365 days in row. The subject of the photograph can vary and you are free to choose yours. There is a hudge community of 365days that can be found here.

My first photo for the 365 days project is an architectural abstract and urban abstract. And it is confusing! I like it, when a picture does confuse you. This one fits. Or can you say which part is the roof, or where are the walls?

(Day 001/365)