“Why is she bothering us every day with Abstract Photography?!”

"Why is she bothering us every day with Abstract Photography?!"

On October 3th 2017 I started a 365 days photography project in Ulm about Abstract Photography. My intent was to use Facebook (only) to find out what exactly Abstract Photography is.

On October 3th 2018 I started a new 365 days photography project. The purpose is to find out, how many of the pictures I took for the old project are still available today. In other words: Can I go back 365 days later to take the same picture (or a very similar one) again, or is the old motif gone forever?

And because I thought that it would be a bit boring to simply post old picture + new (old) picture, I did decide to use the original shot taken for the first project (picture one I post every day) to tell you what exactly I found out about Abstract Photography using Facebook on that day (aka 365 days ago).

The second picture I post (mostly an album with a “?”) is related to the new project. It will show you the result of my search today (or 365 days later compared to the first project). And because some of my photos are a bit confusing (and some even perhaps abstract?) I did decide to add some kind of “solution”.

The third picture I post will be: a) a new picture taken at the same place, because the old motif is gone forever or b) a picture I like.

In other words: The new project and the old project are about Abstract Photography in one way or another….

You find it confusing? Well confusion might be my second forename.

But I hope that I could help to solve the question: “Why is she bothering us every day with Abstract Photography?!”

Have a not so confusing and concrete day!

(And: This picture is not abstract! Or is it? 🤔)