“Creatively Approaching Abstract Photography

Step 4 – Pattern & Line

The first key element to look at is the pattern and lines within your subject. Look carefully at your subject and consider whether there are any reoccurring shapes or themes with the object and use these to your advantage. I always like to try shooting an object very straight and symmetrical; to get a clinical structured feel that I feel would enhance the affect of a pattern, but you can also try shooting at angles that counter the pattern. Also look at the lines and edges of the subject, are they straight or curvy, do they lead into the shot, through the shot or away from the shot. Line can be used very effectively in photography as the eye will tend to follow a line through a shot from its origin to its end, so consider how you might want to engage the viewer and where you’d like to lead them.”

On December 29th 2017 I posted “Remains” and 365 days we will see what remains…