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After taking my daily picture on October 5th 2017, I started a research.
Was the group description and definition about abstract photography complete?
Did I need a macro lens for that project?
Was abstract photography really only blur?
Did I have to reduce everything on colors or could I use realistic and figurative elements?
After reading a lot and viewing many pictures I started my Facebook.
The first post I found in the abstract group was the picture of a headless nude woman sitting in a bathtub filled with red water.
Double checked if I was in the right group.
Didn’t I just read: “The subject matter of abstract images is often implied or suggested rather than overtly and literally presented. Photographers will generally emphasise lines and curves, colours, textures, geometrical forms and their relationship to, and interaction with one another.”?
A voice in my head started shouting: “Hey! Hello! Anybody out there? Hey! Is that abstract? Really? But it is figurative! It is even over realistic! That is for sure great photographic art but abstract? And what about the group! Dang! Your group description! Did anyone read that one? Yes?”
My english being bad and my blood pressure high I did decide to transform that voice into the simple question:
“As beginner I would really like to know why this picture is abstract?”
After all I was here to learn.
And if someone did post it here and no admin did remove it, then it had to be abstract and I was simply missing the point.
When I was finally ready to post my own picture a message popped up in front of me:
“Only members can post and comment in the group.”

What do you think?
Will I be able to post the same picture twice today?
Or will I need a new one?

Let’s find out!?