Red Light

red light

My new picture and question having been ignored again, on October 12th 2017 I wanted to quit.
Why bother about abstract photography?
Why not simply post 365 photos I like instead?

In the evening I posted “Red light (or when you are tired)

At 11:35 PM my phone did wake me up. Turned the light on. Messenger showed one new message. Someone I didn’t know asked “What is abstract?”. Hell! That is abstract!
And because I wanted to sleep I said: “Getting a message from a stranger at 11:35 PM is a bit abstract. The “debate” in the group was too in some ways. Many things are abstract. Does it matter? Sorry but I am tired and need to sleep now.”
The answer came before I could put my phone aside.
“Not for me!”
“Hell! Abstract is something that doesn’t have a physical or concrete existence. Like a theorie, or a concept. Things that do only exist in your mind or thoughts.”
“Hell is a good example!”
“But aren’t sometimes things that do really exist but that I did never see before or that I can not connect to my reality or to things I know abstract too? Just asking.”
“I see!”
“And how can I take a photography of something that doesn’t have a physical or concrete existence? Must I start to paint with my camera? Or can I use something that I can touch to create something that will be perceived as abstract?”
“Show me a photography of something that has no physical or concrete existence first!”

365 days later I’m almost missing an appointment and do have another question: “Is my motif still there today?”