Raconte moi une histoire

Raconte moi une histoire, ulm, abstract

Is it abstract? On January 25th 2018 I asked myself the same question. And as many times before, when I was still member of the group Abstract Photography on Facebook and saw the different postings of torn off posters and advertisings the admin posted there, I didn’t know. And because the question: “What makes a torn off poster abstract?” was still haunting my mind I posted my version hoping to get an answer. But: I didn’t get one. Not on Facebook, not on Instagram and not on my blog.

365 days later, I still don’t have any answer. But 365 days later I would probably not post it again if I hadn’t to like today. And because I still have fever, I will stay inside one more day and will therefor not be able to solve another more important question we all have: “What is there today?”.

But I can solve the question: “What was there two months ago?” if someone wants to know.