“The funniest people are the saddest ones” (Confucius)

100 days since I started my project and 100 days that I share with you the little things I see every day and that make me smile or leave me speechless.
100 days that I hunt hidden faces, people, creatures, animals, shadows and rust to take their portraits.
100 days that I meet real people on the streets, that wonder, ask, shake their heads, or run after me, because I take pictures of weird stuff, rusty doors or trashcans, wood panels or fences, lampposts or rotten stickers I find here and there ignoring no trespassing signs or the fact that you shouldn’t be laying on the ground to take a picture at my age.
Thank you all for your support, for your likes and your comments and all the good moments you gave me, here and on your feeds. I hope that you will enjoy the next 265 days like I did enjoy the first 100.

(Day 100/365)