Panta Rhei

After dinner, on that same day, I had a new old question.
“Why ‘Abstract Photography’? Random?”
And sometimes in life you do the opposite of what you probably should.
And so I wrote: “In some way. Actually I did subscribe to a FB group about Ulm, simply to find out what happens in my city. But what I found was hate, xenophobia, racism, anti-Semitism and fear. And even if I’m not a refugee, I was concerned and instead of getting informed I got scared. Was this the face of the city I was living in? So I did decide to take the topics ‘Facebook’, ‘hate’, ‘ugly face’ and ‘Ulm’ for the next 365. But hate is a poison and that’s why I changed my mind. Instead of dealing with it on a daily basis, I did decide to make it an independent project…”
“Using my camera.”
“Go on.”
“One day before the next 365 days started, I met a friend. Don’t know how anymore, but somehow we got onto the subject of abstract photography. He told me what he knew about it and I did the same. And as we were both surprised we got our phones out and started a research. And we found out, that we are both right and both wrong, or that the photos don’t match the subject. So we went to FB and started to look around photography groups, what did not help to be honest. When I came home on that evening I did exchange the point ‘hate’ against ‘abstract photography’ and started the next 365 trying to solve the question: What can I learn about abstract photography if I only use FB? And will I end up with the wrong picture?”
“I have a question.”
“If I tell you everything I know about abstract photography, would it end your project?”
“Don’t think so!”
And because that was the last sentence written in this chat and because I did decide to add a picture to the contest “motion” in the AP group I posted “Panta Rhei”.
365 days later ….?!?