Ordinary Dream

I’m sailing on a troubled sea
Watching you as you watch me
In an ordinary dream.

I couldn’t understand a word it said
The letter that I read
From you to me.
I couldn’t fathom out the stuff you wrote
So I guess it’s just a joke
From you to me.
Though reality keeps calling me away from my dream
And the wreckage isn’t all it might have been
Didn\’t matter at the start, until I realised it did.
I\’m flying in a troubled sky
Watching you as you go by
In an ordinary dream.
(Ordinary Dream Electric Light Orchestra)

It’s abstract.
It’s surrealistic.
It’s beautiful.
It’s artsy.
Even if it is only decayed and rusty you can imagine to jump inside this imaginary waterworld and swim or simply look at it and dream.
Would you have noticed this flower pot?
Or would you just have said: trash!
Let me know.

(Day 107/365) Nr.2