Less | One year later

I often use a 300mm lens and I did so today. The point is that this new project is more about showing the solution, aka: what was it that she used to take last years picture, or simply: what did we see last year?

In this case you did see some architecture, or the facade of a building. Not the complete facade, but only the top part in the sun. And that because I like architecture, minimalism, shadows and colors. And well, this picture had it all.

And because I hate it to carry a heavy bag, I usually only carry one lens with me. In this case my 300mm lens. But today I found out (well to be honest I did allready know it, but didn’t think about it), that a 300mm lens isn’t the best lens to take architecture shots. And so I tried my best to deliver a solution that shows the building, and I promise that next time I will also carry my 10-20mm lens with me.