Old and new

old and new, door and wall parts of the Ehinger Tor in Ulm, arhitectural abstract

On October 10th 2017 I used the lunch break to find out that I was still member of the group and had one comment.
It was from a moderator and he said: “Nice photo! Is it manipulated?”
“No. And to be honest I was more expecting to get comments about it not being abstract.­čś│”
“Well anyone has his own perception when it comes to abstract. Your photo might be what some folks would probably consider to be abstract. I usually focus on manipulated stuff and leave the rest up to the admin.”
“Not easy to find out what exactly abstract photography is and how a good abstract photo should look like ­čĄö I’m never sure if my own photos do match the definition and I have so many questions about other posts in the group.”
“Well ask!”

Did scroll down until I reached the red lady and did add a comment: “This is intruiging but is it abstract photography?”
Just wanted to quit when I had an answer. The admin said: “This group was conceived as a study group. And sometimes I leave a picture in the pool to enhance the debate. Welcome to the group!”

And while some abstract debate started in the bathtube I did decide that if I wanted to learn something about the subject this was perhaps a good place.

In the evening I posted “What about architecture and abstract?”

What do you think?
Is the motif still available 365 days later?