Noticed | One year later

Noticed, stikers, pareidolia, portrait, abstract, abstract365
“Noticed”, Original from 29.01.2018
“Noticed”, New Shot from 29.01.2019
Gänsetorbrücke, Original Location, 29.01.2019
Twin, 29.01.2019
Original Location of the Twin, Augsburger Strasse, Neu-Ulm, 29.01.2019
Another Relative somewhat older, 29.01.2019

The good point about this 365 abstractopoly game, beside the fact that the American Heart Society and your fitness tracker are happy because you reach those 10000 steps a day very easily, is the amount of useless knowledge about lampposts, trashcans, street and traffic signs and many other places you acquire.

And because the amount of useless knowledge about such places in Ulm, Neu-Ulm and some cities around I could store in in my head during the last 483 days is let’s say reaching encyclopedic dimensions, today I can not only present you the original poor finger pointing guy, but also all relatives I found hanging around.

Have a great day my friends!