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During my time on Facebook I read a lot of discussions in some Abstract groups about the fact, that a picture taken from an artwork (aka painting) is not considered to be “Abstract Photography”. So far, so good. But I have that little devil inside of me and each time I did read about these considerations he asked himself: “Wouldn’t it depend what kind of painting you use? And wouldn’t it depend on how you take it?”.

And because we wanted answers, on January 26th 2018 my devil and I did decide to get some and so we used some abstract groups and our page to post a photography from little part of an abstract painting with some funny #tags like “decay”, “wallart” and “urbanabstract”. And guess what? We got featured in two groups. So bad one did remove the picture and myself after I thanked them for featuring an abstract painting.

365 days later I have to admit, that I don’t have any solution for this picture, because that painting is not longer available. And so, I will have a look at my archives and post some “Abstract Photography” taken 365 days ago instead.