The first thing I did on November 18th 2017 was to remove my comment in the group ‘Abstract Photography’ and while I was doing so, I also removed all of my posts.
Then I found a message a from Lou. He said:

“If you’re passionate about photography, chances are that you’ve been curious about abstract imagery. Fine. But you should know a few things about it before starting to call your photographs abstracts.

There is still no solid definition of what abstract photography is or is not, and the lack of a concrete definition might be closely related to the fact that many artists and amateur photographers have been curious about the subject.

This has led to the creation of countless images that could fit within what is generally accepted as abstract. What you need to understand before getting serious about abstract photography is that it is a language that uses shape, color and line to create compositions with strong or scant (but not null) references to a recognizable subject or object.

The insights we are sharing with you today are not meant to discourage you; on the contrary, we provide them to give you a better understanding of abstract images and to encourage you to create work that matters to you and your audience. (“The Courious Case of Abstract Photography” Part 1)”

In the evening, I was expecting to read more, but there was nothing. So I posted “Memories” and closed the computer.

365 days later, the “Memories” are fading, but perhaps we can make new ones?