Long time ago

long time ago

On November 1th 2017 I found the picture of a naïve painting in the abstract photography group. It showed two empty chairs in the corner of a room surrounded by a bleeding heart. Wondering I started to read the comments.

A user said: “Why do you post this here? Don’t think it belongs in this group…? Not abstract and no photography…”
A moderator answered: “What is technically the difference between looking at & photographing a tree, rain on a window, sunlight through foliage, a painting/ sculpture or maybe a pipe? The way the author looks at it, right? More abstract, or less abstract ……”
The user wasn’t convinced, so she said: “Read the discussion from Juni. Very interesting. I think it’s a pitty if we only look at it technically. And hope we will be able to have some discussion on the nature of abstract as well as photography.”

The painter added: “Its a picture of my painting. Abstract is for everybody different.”

And finally the admin said: ” . as a painting it may be argued that this image has “some abstract content” , e.g. the distortions / colour resonances, or even the edges of the composition. As a photograph, it is most likely a ” straight ” documentary photograph! At the end of the day, my personal opinion is that, what appears to be ” missing” is the CONTEXT ! What are the reasons/connections between this image and our group, Abstract Photography ?”

And finally the painter said: “The painting is an abstraction of relationships. Which is why I put it on this page.”

On that day I started to get angry.

And because I was still waiting to be admitted to the other groups, I posted “Long time ago” and turned the computer off.

365 days later, the painting is still in the pool and I have to find out if my subject is also still where it was…