Life on a wrapping paper

Life on a wrapping paper

On December 2nd 2017 I was curious. Grabbed the first new link and started to read:

“Abstract photography is something that cannot be defined with words. This is a very elusive subject and as the name suggests, this type of photography is abstract and can be done at anytime and anywhere. The choice is yours! It is all about having a perspective and approach to the subject you choose and decide to capture. Abstract photography is an idea which suits each its own.

The best part about abstract photography is that there are no guidelines which are involved in clicking these images. Abstract photography is based more on vibrancy, colours and anything that you see in your surroundings. It is a visual language which is captured by the camera of the photographer. Every colour in abstract photography has its own significance. For instance, the colour black depicts sadness and fear but is also the sign of elegance and command. It all depends upon how you click a particular shot!

Let’s begin with understanding what the term ‘abstract’ in abstract photography means.

The subject in focus should be the key element of your photography when shooting abstract. Abstract images can be created anywhere unlike other photographs. There are so many patterns, structures and colours which we see whenever we go around. All of that is abstract. Abstract photography is a result of a lot of creative imagination and is very good for budding photographers. This type of photography is known for improving the skills of a photographer which helps them in understanding this subject deeper and better.”

(“Abstract Photography: The Art of Speaking Without Words“)

In the evening I posted “Life on a wrapping paper“.

365 days later, I hope that this years decoration is as creative as last years….