Let’s go!

Let's go

When I started my computer on October 18th 2017 FB told me that I have two new comments.
Did open the AP group and started to laugh because I did suspect that a moderator could have been wondering about the colors of “architectural”, but instead someone said: “Very nice abstract!”. Did open the commentators profile and saw that he is photographer and running a FB page about abstract architecture I did subscribe to. And because I was in a hurry I navigated to the abstraction group and scrolled down to my bird friend. Right under the admins comment about it not being an abstraction in some way someone said: “Sorry! Would probably have posted it upside down but, either way it is an abstraction.”. The commentators profile said that he is a Hungarian painter and likes to draw cartoons.
Questions did emerge in my head.
Grabbed a post-it and wrote: “Abstract/Abstraction: Question of perception or definition?”. And before I left the kitchen I stuck it on the fridge door.

Two hours later I posted “Let’s go!”.

While I was on my way home, my phone showed that the handcuffs were agitated.
John Doe had left 4 messages: “Did you forget me?” – “What about some answers to my questions?” – “Like your new post!” – “Double exposure and Intentional Camera Movement are always nice!”
And because I had some free time I wrote: “That’s not a multiple exposure and not ICM.”

365 days later the fridge door is empty and I have a new question: “Is the motif still there?”

What do you think?