Creatively Approaching Abstract Photography

“Step 2 – It’s all in the approach

So how does one go about taking abstract photographs? The first thing to remember is to keep your eyes open for interesting and engaging subject matter. Whenever I shoot abstract shots, I’m always attracted to the subject matter instinctively; something about it will catch my eye and draw me in. React emotionally to the subject, consider why you were attracted to it and how it makes you feel and this will inform how you photograph it. Spend time with the subject, think outside the box and approach it in a means that you would not really approach it, from different angles and regardless of its usual purpose.

There aren’t any given camera settings to recommend as each subject and circumstance will vary greatly, but don’t be afraid to stick your camera on manual and try out different shutter speeds and f-stops in order to reveal the true potential of your subject.”

On December 27th 2017 I posted two pictures. One called “Panel” and the second one called “Kiss“.

365 days later I will only try to find one…