On November 24th 2017 I was tired.

In the morning I did read Lous last message again.

Did he really say, that these two pictures were abstract? Or was my English simply too bad to understand what he wanted to say?

During lunch break I launched a FB research about German speaking Abstract Photography groups, but couldn’t find any.

In the afternoon I had enough.

In the evening I did open a chat window and wrote: “Thank you so much for your help Lou. I came to the conclusion that my English is simply not good enough for such a project. Did read your descriptions many times but I am totally unable to connect the headless nude or Man Rays picture to them. Not because they show humans, bodies or faces, but simply because they show them ‘in an outright realistic way’. And even if I can see elements of ‘abstraction’: in one case no head, no hands, etc. and in the other one the mask (abstraction for a human head or face), none of these pictures is abstract for me. Looks like I simply don’t understand the essence of Abstract Photography. And I honestly don’t have enough knowledge about Art or photography. And that’s why I did decide to resign. Will change my project to “pictures that are abstract in my eyes”.”

Before I went to bed I posted “Illusions“.

365 days later …