Highkey, black and white, challenge
HIGHKEY, 26.11.2017

March 9th 2018 and Day 6 of the 7 days Black and White Challenge…

Actually on that day I was still on my roadtrip around Hannover and I took only one picture for the project, but didn’t post it. Instead I posted a picture taken on November 26th 2017 on the balcony of a friend. Yes, I cheated and you caught me…

And so the picture I took on March 9th 2018 for this project did remain unseen in the archives until today. Time to add it, no?

unseen, abstract, black and white challenge
UNSEEN, 09.03.2018

365 days later, beside the fact that I had to reveal the truth, or did chose to, I had that funny idea, but I don’t know if it will work… I wrote a Whatsapp to my friend Karsten asking him if he could possibly go out on his balcony and use his phone to take a solution shot for us. But I have honestly no idea if he is at home today, or still has a balcony or will read the message… So let’s wait, grab some coffee and see what happens. Meanwhile enjoy our weekend my friends. And perhaps a wonder happens and we can recover both.