“Alvin Langdon Coburn’s Vortographs (Part 3)

The movement of Vorticism had been launched in 1914, by Pound’s friend, the artist Wyndham Lewis, and the pair were primarily responsible for its conception and development. Though it purportedly spanned over a range of media, as a visual-art movement Vorticism favored a combination of Cubist fragmentation of the picture plane with a depiction of motion seen to be more sophisticated than that propagated by the Italian Futurists. Coburn shared the movement’s belief in producing “a New Living Abstraction”, as Lewis put it in the movement’s flagship journal Blast, and the young photographer fell under the influence of the Vorticist aesthetic.

Pound was an early advocate of Coburn’s abstract photography, promoting the first exhibition of Vortographs at the London Camera Club in 1917. The show was met with critical controversy, however, and as a result, a plan for the exhibition to travel to New York and Boston was abandoned. However, Coburn’s work would have a profound effect on a range of modern artists: for the first time, as critics Mark Antliff and Vivian Greene note, he had brought photography up to speed with the advances of modern painting. (Abstract Photography: History and Concepts)”

On that day (December 16th 2017) I posted my first abstract self called “Hello“. And 365 days later we have a snow storm..