Haunted / Abstract

haunted, abstract, pareidolia, colors, decay, stone
Haunted“, 24.02.2018
abstract, painting, artwork, colors
Abstract“, 22.11.2017

“When will you be here? Just asking to have the coffee ready.”


“Did we have an appointment?”

“No but I had a look at your page and today’s picture is at my place remember? So I thought you will probably come over. And if you do please don’t come empty handed. Bring some cake! The chocolate one is my favorite. See you!”

When your life slightly turns into something similar to a giant deja vu you are probably running a “What is there 365 days later”-project. But I didn’t know all that on February 24th 2018 when I posted “Haunted” I found that same day at a friends house. And I didn’t have any idea I would have to find “Abstract” again I took on November 22th 2017.

365 days later, prepared for some more deja-vu with a new chocolate cake I have to say that I can probably only find one of them again as the other one has been sold. But there is something new at the same place today I will show you later…

22.11.2017 / 24.02.2018 / Call transcription from 24.02.2019 7:12 am