Happiness comes in Waves

Happiness comes in waves

On November 15th 2017 Lou wrote: “Sorry. Didn’t want to confuse you, but I posted the complete abstract. As I am not a specialist for photography, I borrowed this introduction from . You can find the complete article here. What do you think young lady? Was it helpful? Could you find answers to some of your questions?”

Sat down with a coffee and started to think. Did it help? Yes a bit. Did it answer my questions? No, not really. Or was Abstract Photography that simple? Could it be resumed in these few steps: create an abstraction, represent an abstraction, zoom in, zoom out, invert or remove the colors, find patterns, find textures, find shapes and shake your camera or the suject or both? And if that is really all, what will I do the next 321 days?

And because I was a bit disappointed I wrote: “Well, to be honest: I did expect more. That description sounds like a recipe for the correct heating of spagetti water.”

In the evening I had an answer. Lou said: “Well, didn’t say that our excursion is over. That was only the introduction. Are you ready for more?”

And because I was so much ready for more I said: “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and ten minutes later I posted “Happiness comes in Waves“.

365 days later I desperatly need light…