green, green head of a dummy

On October 9th 2017 I woke up with a question.

Did someone ever leave a comment under one of the abstract paintings in an art gallery saying: “Hey that’s a beautiful piece of art and I have no idea what it does represent, but it is not abstract, because I can say with one look that this is only paint on a canvas!”?

My brain reaching a stack overflow I did decide to forget abstract photography for today and to go out for a walk.

Ten minutes later I was sitting on some stairs and scrolling through the group posts. Not one single photo did match the criteria “I can not say what I am looking at at first sight”. But not even the flower bouquet thrown carelessly over a glass table filled with newspapers, or my headless friend in the bathtube, that had been posted here too, had the mention “not abstract!”. So what was wrong with my photo? Was there something wrong? Or was Orwell perhaps right when he said: “All are equal but some are more equal than others!”? And who does decide if a photo is abstract? Some experts writing books? Teachers in schools? The photographer or artist who takes it? Or the viewer?

On my way home I wanted answers!

I started the computer and posted “What about a green nude that didn’t lose her head?”

What do you think?

Did she lose her head 365 days later? Or is she still sitting around and waiting to be found again?