The Frog

the frog

On November 5th 2017 I was curious.

Right after my first coffee I started the computer and saw that my Facebook had turned into a mess. I had 12 friend requests, 2 private messages, 4 chat messages and 165 notifications of activity related to my latest post. As member of the discussion group I went there and found out that my post had lots of likes and that all commentators were sorry, because Abstract Photography was not their domain.

Disappointed I started to read the chat messages. Frank from Berlin said: “Morning green head! 👍!! Can you send me some of the pictures that trouble your sleep?”, Sora from Japan wanted the same and Pavel from Russia stated: “They probably aren’t abstract. But if you want send me some and we can discuss.”
The last chat message said: “Hello abstract365. DM is what you did (direct message). Regards, Lou.”

After a second coffee, I started to send links and thanks to Frank, Sora and Pavel. And then I wrote: “Good morning and thank you Lou. Can I come back to your initial offer, because I still don’t have a concrete image of  what abstract photography is?”

In the evening when I was online again I found an answer. Lou said: “Of course you can. But first the old man has some questions. Who are you? Why Abstract Photography? And what is this 365 project about?”

And so I told him and before I went to sleep I posted “The frog”.

365 days later I have doubts…