Friendship, wood panel, cat, portrait, pareidolia, abstract

Perhaps I have to tell you that I am a cat owner. And so, when I was on my way back home from the railway station on January 24th 2018 I started to laugh when I saw this picture on a wooden construction panel. But I didn’t have the intent to post it until a friend of mine, who never sees anything in my pictures started to laugh hysterically when he saw it. And because I thought that if he starts to laugh you might perhaps like it too, I changed my mind and used the naughty wave to post it.

365 days later I am somewhat out of order and so I will not go back to the same place today to see what is there now, but I can tell you. The cat is not longer there and there is no wood panel either. Today there is a deep construction hole at the same place. Did have a look all over the place a few days ago to see if I can find that panel somewhere but it disappeared.