Freedom and Dropped

freedom, graffiti and decay on an electricity distribution box, colors, ulm, abstract
Picture Number 1: “Freedom“, taken on February 14th 2018 in Ulm
Dropped, Decayed paint on a roof in town, ulm, abstract
Picture Number 2: “Dropped“, Taken on November 14th 2017 in Ulm

On February 14th 2018 I obviously started a project within the #365days project. Instead of posting one picture as I should, I posted two or more on the same day. The first was from the actual day and the second or third one were from the archives of the project but not posted on the day I took them, because I thought that I had a better one to post.

And so 365 days ago I posted an areal view of a costal region taken on Frebruary 14th and some kind of shoe-expander taken on November 14th 2017.

365 days later I would never agree with such a behavior because it means that I have to look for two pictures every day…