In the evening of November 8th 2017 Lou was back.
He said: “Well young lady, the old man is not an expert. But he will do his best to answer your questions. Let’s start with something seemingly easy: concrete. What is concrete for you?”
And because I honestly started to get bored by people asking me this kind of questions I said: “Concrete would be if we could talk about abstract photography.”
And because Lou had an other approach he said: “Well, I usually ask my students to define concrete, abstract and abstraction before I jump to the more complexe subjects.”
And because I was almost falling asleep I said: “I’m a desperate housewife and the dinner is not ready…”
And because Lou was flexible he wrote: “The old man is also getting hungry. Will come back after a snack and start the crash course.”

Two minutes later I posted “Free” and ten minutes later I was asleep.

365 days later it is raining…