Fish, A view through a cigarette overpack paper with raindrops in the grass.

October 30th 2017 was a tranquil day.
While I was waiting to be admitted to the new ones I found one day before, I strolled around my groups.
In the group AP I found an old statement from a moderator. It said:
“A member messaged me with following concern, which I want to forward to all
” … I no longer have any idea what I can post now. this is a photography group and yet I keep seeing paintings. I saw you posted no digital art, yet that is the majority of the content on the page. help me get it, because I’m feeling picked on.””
The moderator stated: “The photo of an abstract painting, to me, falls into the same category like photos OF something abstract; While such photographs may not belong to the strongest abstract photos, they do keep in line though with our ‘rules’, and therefore are left where they are…”
I was astonished and because I was not alone I simply liked another users comment:
“the rules state: “So the objective is to emphasize on photography. In order to be able to obtain abstract photos the photographer focuses on the framing, the perspective, and/or controls the shutter speed and aperture… The photographer takes a different way of looking at our world to perceive the abstract photography opportunities.
Abstract photography will be defined as photography that:
• Does not represent the subject in a literal way.
• Communicates primarily through form, color, and curves rather than image detail.”
To me, taking a photo of abstract art seems to contradict this, unless the photo is taken in such a way that it becomes abstract in and of itself. A simply photo of abstract art represents the subject in a very literal way.”
And after reading all comments, also those stating “personally I think, it depends how we ‘perceive’…” I started to laugh.

In the evening I posted “The fish”.
And 365 day later I have to find out if it did swim away.