The handcuffs were not ready to give up and so I found a new old question in my chatbox on October 19th 2017.
“Why 365 days?”
And as I was stuck on a train for hours because there was an emergency on the tracks I did decide to answer.
“Started my first public photographic 365 days project in 2005 because I had a difficult time I wanted to document on a daily basis using selfies. Did decide to put it online because I wanted to confront people with a topic that is generally more likely to be hushed up. At a certain point I had to close my account and disappear because I was struggling with a stalker and the politics of a large corporation that interpreted laws in its own way. Went on with my project privatly and when I reached day 365 I started over again with something different without going online. I usually try to find a topic, but sometimes I just document what was important to me on that particular day with a photo. In the last two years I started to take a topic that I encountered in one way or another 3 to 4 days before the end of the old project.”
His answer was: ” For God’s sake, what are you gonna do with all this stuff?”
And because the problem on the tracks was still not solved I wrote: “Since I had to deal with Alzheimer’s in my personal environment in 2007, I wondered if such a documentation in pictures could help me to remember who I was if I should ever be affected. Not that it’s really important then.”

When I finally came home I posted “Fairytale”.

And 365 days later I wonder, if the motif will still be there.